How about some love and champagne

February 10, 2011 – There’s an Italian song playing in the background, a candle blowing in my face and pink champagne fizzing on my right …Happy Valentines?

Just like Christmas, there’s nothing you can do about the season of (insert French accent) love. It fills the air and the pressure is on to charm and impress the people you love, or the people you think are deeply in love with you but don’t realise it.

There’s usually so much love but what do you do with it? Attached please find a tit bit of some of the things the saintly guy called Valentine could have in store for you. First stop is the restaurant: La Prugna Doro.

Julienne of cured loin of Bonito with tamarind

Vichyssoise of sugar snaps, confit bell pepper, soft goat cheese mousse (this is best served with rose wine and fresh bread that is slightly warm and the butter melts into it).

Tempura of Tiger Prawn & Squid

Lemon grass, green tomato, avocado wedge, Thai fish sauce and fried rice vermicelli (the prawn is as exquisite as they come).


Aphrodisiac Surprise Break

Granité with Vodka, Lime, Strawberry, chilli pepper (nothing like a nice sweet kick to rev your gastros for some ‘real’ food).

Phyllo wrapped fillet of quails, with toasted sunflower seeds

Gingered carrots and sweet corn

“Green” Risotto with squash

Beetroot, sour cherries and Cabernet Sauvignon Syrup


Roasted Fillet of Red Snapper, crushed pistachio with grana padano crust

Set on stewed lentils, spring onion risotto and cherry tomato emulsion (Red Snapper is actually my favourite fish).

Warm & Liquid Dark Chocolate Cake

Candied Rose Petals, Raspberry Heart covered with a Champagne Sabayon (this is like the cherry on top. Warm cake is a bit of a turn on).

Coffee, tea and petit fours (Not a favourite of mine, so I usually skip it. But you can ask for petit fives from the waiter if you want).

After that meal, its time for step two: The Suite on the higher floors of the Hotel Intercontinental Nairobi.


There are very few luxury hotels in Nairobi. Most of them just get by. But when something looks simple but expensive you know it’s got class. With soft fluff cushion and a bed that hugs you and tucks you in, you can’t help but sleep smiling.

Though St Valentines only comes to visit once a year, it’s important to take the next day off. This is because the fizz from the luxury hotel’s champagne breakfast will keep you in love for at least another year.

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