How about a Bandeau to beat the heat?

February 8, 2011 – I’m not a fan of extreme weather conditions but if given a choice between extreme heat and extreme cold, I’d choose the former any day. Yes! The whole package, even the bad tan it gives your African skin that darkens your forehead and shoulders and the sunburns.

This keeping in mind that there are so many ways to beat the heat…including getting good air conditioning and staying indoors, fanning yourself as you take nicely chilled lemonade, dressing for and obeying the weather or doing it the old fashioned way – using an umbrella! I could go on forever.

But with extreme cold, you constantly have to wear lots of clothes and enormous jackets? Borrriiiiing!

Speaking of obeying the weather, there’s what we call a bandeau… a style of garment that I absolutely love!

“A bandeau is a strapless garment worn around a woman’s breasts. It may be fastened in the front or back or be sufficiently elastic so as to have no fastener at all. In a strict sense a bandeau has but two edges, although it is sometimes manufactured with a detachable halter strap that goes around the neck. A wide bandeau that covers much of the midriff is sometimes called a tube top,” that’s according to the guru also known as Wiki.


I mean, you get to look right (fit in the context), while showing off your gorgeous shoulders.

You can do bandeau dresses or tops or overalls but keeping in mind that obeying the weather is the main idea here, so summer friendly colours like the baby yellows, white and bright colours should do the trick.

You could always don a bandeau to try and beat the heat in Nairobi but as the same time look fashion friendly. While doing that, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen on your shoulders…you don’t want sun-burned- dark-as-hell-shoulders, do you? It doesn’t look good on anyone 🙂

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