Romeo and Juliet


February 4, 2011 – It is the month of love and to welcome this special season Phoenix Players Presents Romeo and Juliet a
captivating classic by William Shakespeare.

The classic story is set in this modern era of Twitter, FB, Coalitions etc…

The Montague’s and Capulet’s are two feuding families, set on opposing sides of the political landscape whose children meet
and fall in love. Romeo and Juliet know very well that this liaison is unacceptable.

George Mungai adapts and directs one of arguably Shakespeare’s greatest plays, not to be missed!

Premiers this Friday the 4th to 19th. Monday 14th and Friday 18th shows are sold out.

Wed, Thurs and Friday’s @ 7p.m, Sat 5th and 12 th @ 6p.m   Sun 13 th @ 4p.m  & Sat 19th at 3p.m & 6p.m.


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