30 days into your New Year’s resolution

February 2, 2011 – They say time waits for no man; I say time weighs on the man’s waist line!

We all started the year with great vigour and enthusiasm looking forward to fitting back into those slim jeans and muscle t-shirts after plunging ourselves into the festive delights; mom’s stuffed turkey, dad’s mbuzi choma, Aunty Helena’s Sheppard’s pie and the Christmas log cake recipe you had followed so keenly to make, among other things.

You look at your slim jeans and your muscle tee and wonder how in the world you put on so much weight in just a fortnight!
So, you swear to yourself and anyone who cares to listen about how you intend to fit into a smaller size fit than the one in your hands…by Valentine’s…and everyone goes mmmhhh… And I agree with them MMMHHH!

Great health, wellness and balance are what we should be striving for. A change in eating habits and lifestyle; not quick fixes or drastic weight loss. It is imperative that you understand and evaluate your inner self, the foods you eat and the life you live.

Fad diets like the master cleanser, the thirteen day diet, and cinnamon honey water diet among others will provide you with a quick loss of weight, but be warned that these diets are never easy and bring even quicker weight gain once stopped.

balance_423479077.jpgA change in our eating habits and inclusion of exercise is the way to go to keep your energy high, your mind alert and body fit. A gradual change will ensure that you still enjoy your food and do not overwork or stress yourself. Small changes like cutting back on fast food to once a week and replacing them with fruit and vegetables, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and drinking lots and lots of water will work surprising miracles in a matter of weeks.

Don’t worry that thirty days have already gone by or if you haven’t lost the weight as fast as you want, once you have changed your lifestyle other changes start taking place within you. You shall notice that your skin clears and evens out, you are less moody and feel light, and are generally much happier.

Take a bold step. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I am a work in progress,” and be ok with not fitting into those jeans and t-shirt by Valentine’s but fitting into them throughout the year!

Believe me, once you are comfortable with your new lifestyle everyone‘s mmmhhh will turn into a resounding MMMMM!

(The author is the proprietor of Anchor Farms Ltd www.anchorfarm.com)

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