Bunny Mack Kenya tour confirmed


February 2, 2011 – You know the song that goes “…you’re my sweetie, my sugar, my honey…”?

Its proper name is “Let Me Love You” and it was NOT sung by a Kenyan as most people believe. Rather, Bunny Mack, the singer responsible for the 1980s hit song was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone and is now based in the UK.

That bit of information is crucial because the man Bunny Mack is due in Kenya next week for a performance dubbed The Lovers Soul Night.

It will be his first time back on stage after several years, since breaking from singing to focus on music production.

His comeback in Kenya will be at the Carnivore Simba saloon, and details of the February 13 gig such as cost and time are due to be announced in the next few days.

The tour has been organised by Kaibara City Entertainment, whose spokesman Victor Mengot confirmed that local band Gogo Simo would be doing back-up for Cecile Bunting McComack aka Bunny Mack.

“Bunny and the band are already having rigorous practice sessions, albeit in different continents. The progress so far is great, and we have a lot of confidence that when they take to the stage, music fans will receive a worthy pre-Valentine’s Day treat,” Mengot said in a statement.

Bunny Mack began his musical journey at the age of six when he started playing the harmonica and penny-whistle.  He made his first public appearance at the age of eight, and progressively grew to star status when he relocated from Freetown Sierra Leone to the UK.

His music style – disco/funk/calypso fusion – set him apart, and propelled him to star status across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean’s. The strong love theme in his compositions earned him a distinction as “the Original Loverman”.

And in other news, Sean Kingston will be in South Africa later this month…



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