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January 26, 2011 – JEANS! The only clothing item that will probably stand the test of time. The skinny jeans, the boot cut, the wide leg, the flare cut, the straight leg, the high rise, low rise, mid rise… name it! There are all sorts of jeans and for all body types and sizes.

I still wear my jeans from six years ago! I know, shocking…but here’s why:

A good pair of jeans is a good pair of jeans – there’s no two ways about it and it can serve you for a very long time if you take good care of them.

I bet you will also agree with me that finding the right pair of jeans remains a daunting task. So when you find a good pair, hold on to them –and that’s precisely what I do.

You may find a pair of jeans that could be too long, too skinny, ill-fitting, accentuate the wrong part of your body – give you a muffin top, or make your bum look too big or too flat – so it’s crucial to find the right pair.

I hate having to try on jeans, so when its jeans shopping day I’m almost always all frowns and grumps. Believe me I get dizzy just by the thought of having to fit pair after pair. Hence, when I go jeans shopping, I try to buy as many pairs as I can afford. This loathe of jeans shopping has made me a jeans-clinger. I have all sorts of jeans, some of which I love so much I think they should be part of my skin by now and some which are still brand new – never worn them since they were bought.

Look at it this way, jeans are essential and we don’t wear jeans just to have something to put on. Jeans should make a statement and, for reasons like; we want to look fantabulous. However, finding jeans that fit properly to accentuate the right parts as we established before, is not easy.

Some of us don’t even have a clue where to begin. So a friend of mine, who sells jeans and is a fashionista, gave me the following pointers on how to shop for this crucial clothing item.


The perfect pair of jeans should give you a leaner, longer look therefore;

*Know your body type

*Pay more attention to the jeans fit rather than the jeans size

*A darker denim will make you appear slimmer so by all means, go for those

*Choose denim that is comfortable and more forgiving… Stretch denim it is.

*Avoid baggy, as it makes you look bulky and frumpy

*Go for jeans with back pockets but make sure the spacing of the pockets is just right

*The hem of your jeans should cover most of your shoe

* Avoid skinny jeans if you are too heavy, they are meant for the slight in mass

*Have your measurements with you while shopping as this makes work easier for everyone

*Go for the flared leg, if you want to look longer and leaner

* Depending on your bum: petite- get low rise jeans, ample to heavy- get mid to high rise jeans

The jeans shopping loather that I am or not I just have to have the right jeans fit meaning, shopping must be done…but now its been made a tad easier and I’m happy I’ve shared the tips with y’all 🙂



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