An insight into the "boda boda" culture


January 13, 2011 – Accidents are just that, accidents. They are unanticipated occurrences and happenings that the victims cannot account.

Public Service Motorbikes popularly known as bodabodas have taken over in the Kenyan transport industry today especially in estates, schools, industrial and rural areas. Despite this occurrence, the highlight on the dangers they pose is not immense.

There is the danger of a bodaboda colliding with fixed objects in the environment, for example trees, and/or with other automobiles and this is a grave area of concern.

There is also the fear of engine failure or loss of control due to high speeds, fatigue or drunken driving. It is therefore the responsibility of passengers to take care of there lives and to choose right.

Thousands have lost their lives in accidents. The most painful realisation is that most of these are brought about by mistakes of their own doing.

After watching Kenyans irresponsibly abuse this mode of transport, I don’t think am ready to go the Bodaboda way – unless of course the security is stepped up.



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