Laws of attraction:low ambition


January 4, 2010 – Do you attract what you get? I highly believe so and I have evidence to prove it.

So this post is for all of you out there who keep asking why you keep dating the same type of people, why the same problem occurs in your life, why you cant get ahead…blah blah, blah.

First, you have low ambition. Let me explain…

Story 1: I’m a single man in my late twenties. I’m single by choice (I guess). The problem is the women who have been, been trying to be or are in my life have all been psychotic one way or the other.

I mean, they are all really smart, talented and witty but when we hook up they go crazy: from trying to steal my sperm to trying to kill themselves. What’s the deal here?

Here’s my opinion: Like I said before, its low ambition.

There are many good women out there that are not psychotic. In fact in actual sense, what I’m seeing here is a typical case of denial. These women were clearly sane before they met you!

There a lot of factors that go into driving a woman crazy but that’s a story for another day. What you need to establish first and foremost is what you intend to get out of these relationships.

Why so? Women are more decisive than men when it comes to relationships in my opinion. Did you know that a woman can tell where she wants to take the relationship from the first meeting?

So she may want marriage and you may want a good SHORT time with her. That creates a problem as she will want things that you are not willing to give and then she will either walk away or like your girl in the story above, turn psychotic.

Now do you see how it is your problem? That’s all I’m saying.

Happy Tuesday!


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