All groovy at the Groove Party


January 4, 2010 – New Year’s Eve 2010 spelled ‘G-r-o-o-v-e p-a-r-t-y’ when thousands of people gathered at the K.I.C.C to soberly jump from 2010 into 2011; and the party was one success story.

The groove party merrymakers danced off the night if only to say goodbye to a year that had a few bad memories to forget and maybe a few cherished moments to carry forward.

The event took place in two stages that brought together the best of gospel from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria.

From Uganda was Exodus performing Ganja man, a song that is well known from their crowds all over east Africa and above. Pastor Uche from Nigeria almost made the entire crowd jump to the stage to sing and dance with him to his church’s favourite hit ‘ooooooh my God is good oh!’

At one minute to midnight, 2010 was expectant and needed to give way to 2011, forcing Nairobians and their guests to count down the seconds. Five, four, three, two, one!!! It was 2011, the intro to a new decade, a new era and there was no better way to do this than a glamourous show of fireworks coupled with the best gospel music from the land.

Kambua, Emmy Kosgei, Daddy Owen, Tanzania’s Rose Muhando and Esther Wahome really did give start of the New Year such a treat. Wow 2011!!!



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