Lust is not Love recognize it…!


December 28, 2010 – So I’m having an unhealthy Love obsession but who is to say its unhealthy? I have seen how many people confuse Lust with Love and some of the things they can’t see leave me shaking my head in disbelief. It’s always easier to judge when you’re not in the relationship trust me…

So a friend meets a man, he treats her right and can move heaven and earth for her but as usual there’s a but…some other girl got his last name before the said friend came along, so this means she’ll have to settle for everything else except being the Mrs..

They go out, he wines and dines her until she finally agrees to unleash the biscuits (You know she allows him to butter her bread).They meet as usual and go for dinner and a drink afterwards, but when its time to lay down, a problem presents itself.

You see Prince charming has the Mrs at home and Cinderella lives at home with her parents so whats the next solution? According to snow-white nothing was more difficult than tracking a hotel room on that particular Friday night so they finally found themselves on the wrong side of town and there they got space. They went at it like rabbits and when Mr had his fill “surprise surprise” he got a fit of conscience and realized if he was out all night the Mrs. would worry about him. So he decides to leave my dear friend stranded in town in a sleazy motel all on her own to do the walk of shame alone (again) and brush shoulders with the kind of people who frequent such places. That, Ladies is NOT LOVE.

No one should ever have to do this walk!!


Another case of lust disguised as Love; another friend has been dating a man for a year and finally she decides to take the next step and leave a change of clothes at his place! You know gradually, she was getting tired of the whole business of carrying fornication bags every Friday. Gentlemen when a lady sees a future with you and decides she would like to room with you she doesn’t move in with a whole bag, she does it pole pole, first she leaves behind a Thong, then a sweater, she spills a drink on her T-shirt and luckily she has a change in a her bag, then jeans and before you know it when you finally decide to ask her to move in, her remaining stuff can fit in a vitz.

So my pal starts with the first step; leaves the Thong and moves onto bigger things. My pal showers and leaves the piece of colourful fabric hanging in the bathroom, man goes to shower and comes out and tells her, “babes you forgot this in the bathroom and out he comes out holding the offending fabric.” And gets her a small paper-bag to ensure she doesn’t forget it again. That again ladies is NOT LOVE

So many times we want to close our eyes and imagine that something is what we want it to be that we do not see the truth.  Not all men are the “one” and not all frogs will turn to princes, so take off the rose-tinted glasses and start looking at the signs if you look closely enough they’re right there, words alone should not have you building castles in the sky.

With Love….


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