Bamzigi hypes up Mizuka and chips funga

December 24, 2010 – Rapper Bamzigi, who was part of the original Necessary Noise, has released a new single where he asks where the chips will be ‘fungwad’. Answer ‘254’!

That’s not really the essence of the song which is second to the throne in his new Mizuka style beat concept, which seeks to merge kapuka with electronic/house vibes.


The song is called 254, the area code for Kenya, and basically depicts the kind of night-life, party-scene and everyday living is like in the country – with focus on Nairobi of course.

The African superman (Bamzigi) is high on energy after getting out of rehab for drug addiction late last year.

He has been working with childhood friend and producer/singer Maddtraxx and says we should ‘expect an album soon’.

Can you feel the energy in the song? Have a listen and post your comments below.

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