Harry Kimani samples house music

December 22, 2010 – Harry Kimani is almost done with his new album and promises it will be out just before Easter.

An excited Kimani vowed to Capital Lifestyle that this new album has about 14 of the ‘best songs ever done in Kenya’.


So what is it about?

“It’s about my life. What I have gone through, the ups and downs; stuff like that. There’s even a dance song,’ he exclaims!

Harry, who leaped into the airwaves for the crooner in him, with songs like “Haiya” and “Waithera” says he has been working on this album for close to one year now.

“I’ve put my heart and soul into this one. I have invested money, time and a lot of emotion. It has to be a hit,” he says.

Victor Seii is the executive producer for this album, which Harry says has a mix of jazz, pop, reggae and symphony; “all kinds of music”.

Harry says that he mostly writes when he is distressed and confessed that it’s mostly the ladies that ‘mess him up’.

The album is still untitled and marks a bit of a new beginning for Harry, according to his manager Dennis Muganwa.

Harry is crazy about his dance track and after singing a few lines for me I guess I am now quite eager myself…

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