"Jennifer Lopez ruined our movie"

December 21, 2010 – This probably isn’t Jennifer Lopez’s idea of a back-up plan.

The actress-etc. has been sued for $10 million by ex-husband Ojani Noa’s girlfriend and would-be production partner, who claims Lopez has been nothing but a thorn in their side as they try to get Noa’s funny-ha-ha biopic off the ground.

Lopez, who secured an injunction against a tell-all book Noa was peddling several years ago, sued Hubby No. 1 and his manager Ed Meyer last year over their movie plans.

JENNIFER_LOPEZ_166262965.jpgAnd that’s just not fair, says plaintiff Claudia Vasquez.

“Jennifer Lopez stopped a movie I was producing with Ojani Noa,” Vazquez told E! News Monday. “I waited for a year and half for this case to be resolved but she has been asking for a lot of extensions and it is just taking too long. I’m not getting anywhere and I’m losing a lot of money.”

She said that they were already holding a casting call for the film when Lopez’s attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter.

“After that I had to stop production,” Vazquez said.

Meyer, who is not party to Vazquez’s lawsuit, told E! that the suit Lopez filed is currently  being reviewed by a California appellate court and he expects oral arguments to be heard in June.

Vazquez described the film project to us last year as a “parody” based in fact.

“This is not about Jennifer Lopez’s life, this is about Ojani’s life,” she said.

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