The aura at Blankets and Wine

December 3, 2010 – Kenyan fashion is evolving. It is more and more common to see people sporting proper Mohawks and being brave with colours.

Men wear torn jeans fashionably and their mani-pedis often look better than most women’s.

That is what the second anniversary of Blankets and Wine at the Hillcrest last weekend was like for me. I was almost getting whip-lash from looking around so much.


Don’t ask me why I had never been at B&W for the last two years! The only thing you can ask is where in the world did all those dogs come from? I’ve never seen so many dogs that are not stray in one area; from little pooches to massive sloppy giants eager to lick the hands and faces off anyone who goes near them.

Those with experience on the massive lawn were more varied and clever about their choice of blankets, their choice of wines and the leashes for their dogs.

It was like a big party in a mutual friend’s house, though in this case the 650(+) people only had their love of music in common and lack of a loose Sunday plan.

Men sat next to the blankets with the hottest chicks on them and women would venture past a couple of hot guys in the vicinity and coupled with performances from the talented Dela, Kidum, and Eric Wainaina among others, the sun couldn’t help but shine very bright.


It really was a perfect end to all the B&Ws intended for this year. It was so perfect that they will have a special B&W on December 19 at Saint Mary’s.

Organisers say that next year they hope to have more regional talent on board.

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