A catwalk in the Mau Forest

November 22, 2010 – Four African beauty Queens will turn forest paths into a catwalk this week as part of efforts to support the Mau conservation efforts.

The beauties from some of the Nile Basin Countries, Miss Kenya, Miss Sudan, and Miss Egypt will be setting up at the Eburu Forest in the Mau, where organizers say they will help to plant about 2,000+ trees.


The Mau Forest is crucial to the Nile Basin as it serves as one of the major feeder sources of water into the River Nile, which has seen long standing dispute over its ownership and usage.

Ethiopia and Kenya are signatories to the Nile treaty. Egypt and Sudan however are yet to sign citing unfair clauses within the treaty, but the two countries retain good relations with Kenya.

The beauties will from tomorrow be preaching the need to conserve the forests in all the Nile basin countries.

Former Miss Kenya Fiona Konchella will lead the delegation of beauties, who include the current Miss Kenya Natasha Metto, Miss Sudan Susan Ajak, and Miss Egypt Samah Shabi. 

“The beauties will make the Mau trip with a view to proving that Nature is Beauty,” said a statement.

“It’s the first community project that the Beauty Queens are working on after the Miss World contest that was held last month.”


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