Valerie Kimani tells all

November 19, 2010 – Singer Valerie Kimani has broken the silence over the drama surrounding her pregnancy.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast this morning, Valerie spoke to presenter Jimmi Gathu about getting a child with a married man (Eric Wainaina) and the decision to keep it.

While not exactly confirming what happened while on the Mo Faya tour, Valerie did confess that it was hard for her not to take it out on the baby.


“My family supported me big time,” she said.

Valerie has been under the radar for just over a year now after the scandal surrounding her tryst with Eric reached near epic proportions.

She was the subject of scorn, derision and hate from the Kenyan public.

“I remember seeing a group on facebook called let’s shame Valerie Kimani. It really hurt and I thought, do these guys think I am not ashamed,” said the TPF winner.

She said it was hard to deal with the problem at the time, but she just had to do it.

“It was difficult not to take it out on the baby. It was an emotional time.”

Valerie added: “I am a very private person. So for me to come out and say what I have means I have given it a lot of thought… It was time to face up.”


The singer flatly refused to give comment on questions Jimmi asked regarding Eric and his wife Sheba, saying that she was talking about her experience and that was that.

While dealing with the issue and the public outrage, Valerie’s son Zion was born, and he is now about three months old.

Valerie has been performing a lot recently, featuring at the ASAP series at the Karen Country Lodge and also headlining for Jonathan Butler at the Bomas of Kenya recently.

She was also placed on the top spot of a countdown carried by Studio 53 Extra last month, titled “Africa’s Top 10 Ethnic Beauties”.

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