Colour trend: purple passion

November 19, 2010 – Whether you are as dark as the night, white as snow or somewhere in between, purple will work for you.

I have loved the colour purple ever since I was taught colours in Kindergarten but now when I look at people randomly in streets I can see it has become a society craze.

PURPLE:  is royalty. A mysterious colour, associated with both nobility and spirituality. Hot red and cool blue combine to create this captivating colour.

Everyone (girls and boys alike) is loving purple which is ok because with purple, you can never go wrong.

The trick is just not to overdo it. In some cases purple is best to look at on someone when it is toned down with another colour, say black or maybe white.

Men who wear purple really know what’s up! I once saw a tee written “Real men wear purple”. I couldn’t help but feel really proud of the tee designer (whoever it is).

The biggest trick of all though is to wear purple with confidence.
Men can look sizzling hot in a number of purple stuff …shoes, ties, hats, cuff links…Just  pick your purple item, pair it with confidence and voila!


Purple has both warm and cool properties. Those of redder shades which go best with a warmer colour scheme and bluer shades, which are great for a cool down. In the pictures, I have picked my favourite shades (bluer purples) which work well for me.

Deep or bright purples suggest riches while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate.

From accessories, to dresses to coats, every girl should own something purple and the good news is once again class…purple works for everyone.

When it comes to jewellery or accessories, the trick is to keep it minimal.


Purple has a special, almost sacred place in nature: purple flowers are often considered delicate and precious.

Remember though, that too much purple can result in moodiness. Enjoy nobility with the purples

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