Sony makes 3D easy for Kenyans


November 17, 2010 – Don’t we love entertainment! We love to look at our home entertainment systems and go, ‘I have the latest TV and Surround sound!’ and we don’t even have to be residents of the lakeside.

And with the advent of 3D, it only made sense for Sony to set one up for the home. Sony last week introduced the all inclusive 3D entertainment centre for the house. It includes a 46 or 54 inch High Definition Television with the left-right sensors at the top of the TV, a 5.1 home theatre surround sound system, two pairs of 3D glasses and two movie titles that have been made in 3D.

For those who have not yet heard of the 3D technology, let me give a short introduction to get you up to speed. Whenever you hear anything is in 3D it means that it is not only shot but also made viewable in three dimensions. This involves some mathematics as well since most of the things we see on normal screens are in two dimensions: height and width. This is what enables you to see that the man in a flick is indeed short and plump. What 3D does is that it enables you to see that the man is short, plump and also stands about 5metres from his car in terms of distance. Well, this is speaking hypothetically.

“What 3D does is that it gives you depth. In any scenario, you will be able to get the feel of depth when you play a video game encoded in 3D or even watch a movie because it tells the distance between two objects almost perfectly,” said Rajeev Palippamadam, Chief Representative for Sony’s East Africa operations.

Not to be left behind is the all new 3D camera for still images. This takes pictures in 3D and lets one view the photos on the screen in full 3D.

We got the chance to sample the capabilities of the camera. You have to use the sweep-wide angle to take the pictures and even though the clarity is amazingly impressive, you can’t really say the same for the continuity of the images. Yes the element of depth in the image exists here too but then at the expense of having seamless continuity.

The only other issue is that the package comes at quite the hefty price. It would cost about Sh300,000 for the 46’ set together with surround system and a whooping Sh400,000 for the 54’ television set plus surround. We are hoping they drop their prices soon!

Sony say they are working to make 3D available in 30+’ TV sets as well.


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