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November 15, 2010 – Sunny Saturday it was, and my girls and I were bored, until Amanda whose love life has been providing us with a topic to discuss since we discovered what to do with boys asked where the best place to meet boys is. So many opinions were dished out, I wished I had a notepad to jot them down but here is what I remember and what I was too nice to say then:

GYM_169113478.jpgThe gym:

When you meet a man at the gym you’ve already hit two birds with one stone because from the get go you have something in common, but before you jog off to buy those cute little exercise outfits (I should soo get one by the way, it might come in handy)… What if the only reason you joined was to meet a guy? … Then you’re stuck with an exercise freak who’s always trying to get you to work out because he thinks it’s your thing. First rule… Honesty!

Someone mentioned weddings and another genius mentioned funerals; first to put those two in the same sentence other than as a movie title should be wrong! Friends will always gather for weddings and for funerals so this makes for very ripe picking grounds… The Desperation.


Yes people are no longer just looking for God in the holy houses it’s become a dating network especially for the young ones for whom that kesha is the only excuse for going out overnight…

The supermarket:

This is real life and the probability of running into the same guy at the supermarket more than once means either you’re stalking him or he’s stalking you, but luck could be on your side and he might just ask what brand of milk you prefer or what lotion keeps your skin looking that smooth and supple…

…By this time the wine was going to people’s heads…

NET_575581673.jpgThe cyber cafe or what is referred to as the internet cafe in my new neighborhood. When I said that, the heifers laughed but I have met a man at an internet cafe…He was good-looking, had a job and was alive. We became friends and he got married last year.


The University of Nairobi is churning out younger and yummier looking doctors as the years go by… So don’t curse that sprain it might be the reason you hook up.. This was contributed by Amanda and we all could see why she’s still single.

She might have a point!!

The office… Whoa! I will say it here the office is probably the worst place to hook up unless you’re serving your notice and moving on to greener pastures or the person is. If it’s your junior and things don’t work out sexual harassment; if it’s your boss and things don’t work out then can you say fired! Either way you’re screwed!

The estate! We were slowly regressing to our teenage years. The best thing about dating a boy in your neighborhood would be always being able to check in on him without appearing to be nosy or leaving the comfort of your house.

The Internet; once all the predators, perverts, creeps, pedophiles and scum have been scraped off once in a BAR_920657636.jpgwhile you can meet a good man online but don’t hold your breath!

The worst place to meet a guy and probably where most of us do meet guys is in bars. Under the influence of alcohol anything goes to add to the fact that bars attract them all… The office messenger on payday will spend like the Managing Director. To make matters worse when the alcoholic dace you realize the six-pack is a three pack (pot belly, boob, boob) and the receding hairline becomes all too clear and the sharp shark like teeth that scream “predator” in short am saying Not pretty!

You cannot choose the perfect place to meet a person seeing how Love is unpredictable. My motto; look your best at all times you never know who you’ll meet and smile you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.

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