Behold, Nokia’s newest arrival: The N8


November 15, 2010 – This is a beauty!

The first reaction I get from all those who manage to catch a glimpse of it is, “Hey. Excuse me. Can I see that? This is a really cool phone.” Yes guys, even the pretty ladies. Especially the pretty ladies.

As the first Nokia phone to possess the Symbian 3 Operating System, it is pretty clear why this phone causes a stir everywhere it lands.

First off, you have three customizable home screens. Nothing is really fixed and a user can move everything around as much as they wish.

Boasting a whooping 12MP camera and a 3.5 inch (360 x 640 pixels,) wide screen, it has proven to be quite the entertainment centre. The camera offers a 1/1.83′ sensor size, a Neutral Density filter for taking photos on bright-sunny days, geo-tagging and face detection, world-reknown Carl Zeiss optics for the camera lens, autofocus and a Xenon flash. As for the ND filter, this is a first as this was only available in professional camera at one point in time. Be prepared to take awesome pictures.

Video playback is equally good. You can record and review videos at 720p (pixels of horizontal resolution) at 25 frames per second. Not bad, but they could definitely do better.

 The screen also happens to be Amoled : a system that uses LEDs arranged in a matrix format to increase sensitivity and reduce battery drain alongside newer technology such as the Multi-touch input method, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off so that you cannot input into the screen when your phone is near your ear, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate which means you can use the full qwerty keyboard or normal phone keyboard depending on how you turn the screen and a Scratch resistant Gorilla glass display. This prevents the screen from getting scratched whenever you put it against something mildly abrasive.

Other great features include the HDMI port. Yes. High Definition Media Interface. Bet you thought you could only find it on TVs, right? This allows you to view photos and videos taken using the phone on your HDMI enabled TV set. The package also allows you to connect the phone to an external speaker using a 3.5mm jack for a good sound engagement.

In terms of browsing and internet, Nokia’s Ovi store comes fully installed. All you need is your ovi account and your HSDPA browsing is enabled at record speeds of 10.2 Mbps slightly similar to the 6260 and the E55 range of high end smartphone range. You also get access to Wireless network from its intelligent adapter with the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n complete with the Universal Plug and Play technology and Bluetooth version 3.0 with Advanced Audio Distribution Profiles.

Suppose you wanted to get files from a USB drive and share them to your friends, the N8 lets you open you flash drive and Copy+Paste documents onto the phones 8GB expandable memory and then onto the flash drive. Cool huh??

Suppose you are in your car and you want to listen to the music on your phone through the car stereo without connecting the two, just play the song and turn on the FM transmitter. Tune the radio to an unused frequency and phone to the same frequency and the radio picks up the phone’s signal and plays the music playing on the phone. Makes a lot of sense if you normally carry your music on your phone.

Connecting to your social networks has been made relatively easy as well. The peeps at Nokia have integrated an Ovi app called Social network that consolidates all your social networks into one place meaning updates are on an all-in-one basis. This includes an automatic sign-in to your networks.

The SIM card for your preferred network goes into the side of the phone. Pretty cool but this also raises the questions of maintainability should a major component like the battery become faulty and go dead.

All in all, the manufacturer has definitely outdone themselves on this masterpiece.

Well in NOKIA, well in.


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