Liza Mucheru for Kenya before Apprentice finale


November 2, 2010 – Liza Mucheru-Wisner, the Kenyan who is on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice“, season 10 is making plans to come back to Kenya to visit family as well as look around for “opportunities” to expand her business.

Liza was part of the Kenyan National Golf team and was recruited to play golf at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. She completed her education and received her Masters degree while simultaneously starting an educational technology company. However, her business venture fell victim to the recession and she is struggling to make it a success. Mucheru-Wisner, now a wife and mother of two, works hard to stay connected with her family in Kenya and Ireland and is looking for opportunities to grow and expand her business.

She survived the boardroom firing last Thursday when she took on the responsibility of project manager for the female only team, Fortitude. The task required Fortitude to organize and create a 15-minute presentation for potential new Broadway musicals in attempt to impress and gain the support of investors.

They lost when they forgot to add their contact information on the promotional materials, leaving no way for interested investors to reach the musical’s organizers.

In the boardroom, Liza looked resigned o her fate but the conversation took a striking turn when Mahsa was put in the hot sea after it was revealed that Mahsa she told a member of the male team crucial information about her team.

Regardless of who was responsible for Fortitude’s musical task loss, Trump found Mahsa’s actions to be reason enough for letting her go.

This marks the eight firing Liza has survived. The season finale is set for December 16.

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