Wowed at the FAFA 2010

November 1, 2010 – It was my first time to attend FAFA (Festival for African fashion and Arts) which is usually a two day affair and I’m just about to let you know why I can’t wait for next years event.

It was all pomp and ”fabulosity” at the third annual FAFA 2010 event this past weekend which was held at the Nairobi National Park. Right form the entrance, there was fashion to be sampled all over as the dress code was strictly…Fabulous. Everyone put in extra effort to look good.

The event was so well organized that I wished it was a week-long event. There were former models, media personalities, fashion gurus name it… everyone was there.

Next up was a game drive organized by KWS and I have to say it was an experience I had missed. It was amazing to see some animals as we went round the park.

After the game drive we headed to the marquee where the fashion show and gala dinner were to happen.

The marquee was well into the national park and everyone was ferried there for a welcome cocktail. There couldn’t be a more perfect venue. From a distance we could see the city lights (a beautiful sight) which was the only indication that we were deep into the wild.

At the main entrance of the marquee stood tall models dressed in traditional African attire complete with African regalia. This just showed that it was going to be a seriously African affair.

Inside the marquee,I found my spot and tried to take in everything I could.  I saw a couple of who’s who, who I must admit were all looking sharp in their “something” African.

In attendance was the prime Ministers wife Ida Odinga, Martha Karua, Naomi Shabaan, Muthoni Wanyeki among others all dressed up for the event. Some people even brought their children along which just went to show that they  wanted them to experience the good that can come out of Africa. Presence of some of the government representatives showed that this was a serious and worthy cause.


It didn’t take long for the show to begin and as soon as I found out that Patricia Amira would be the MCee I knew I was in a good place.

The entertainment was magnificent and after everyone settled down, the fashion show started and soon after dinner was served.

The curtain raiser was of course Ann Mc Creath (who is on the FAFA board) who showcased her fabulous KikoRomeo designs. Other designs showcased included John Kaveke, Betty Vannetti, African Mosaique, Deepa Dosaja, Kondakis,Kooroo, Le Collane di Betta, Maro designs co, Ltd, Monica Kanari, Moo cow, Mustafa Hassanali, Nkwo and Patricia Mbela.


…and they showcased some amazing out-of-this-world designs.

Special guests at the event included Oris Erhuero, Waridi Schrobsdorff, Ajuma Nasenyana and Ricardo Garcia.

The Sunday show showcased emerging designers who got a chance to show what they are made of.

Seeing as FAFA is a non-profit event that aims at building the fashion chain, exploring and bridging cultures through fashion, music and art by shining a light on the talent, which exists on the African continent. A very good cause indeed.

All in all, I had a fabulous time and I can’t wait for FAFA fourth edition next year.


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