Miss USA scoops the 60th Miss World title


November 1, 2010 – The 60th Miss world was crowned last Saturday in Sanya, China. The glamorous event saw 120 contestants from all over the world take part in the annual event that has been celebrated for the past 60 years.

The beauties entertained the crowd to a choreographed dance of the world where someone from a certain country dances in the middle (a dance style from their country). “Dances of the world” it was called and it was quite amazing I must say.

When it came to various awards…

Miss world 2010 Beach body went to Miss Puerto Rico.

Miss world 2010 Beauty with a purpose where it’s the norm that the winner gets USD10,000 to support the cause even further went something like:

*Third place- Miss El Salvador who is involved in building houses for disadvantaged in her countryMISS_KENYA_275551877.jpg

*Second place – Miss Ghana who works with an organization that deals with cruelty to children. She has travelled all over Ghana, writes articles, visits the children who are affected and educates people via the media.

*First place went to our very own Miss Kenya (Natasha Metto) with her eradicating jigger campaign.

She looked nothing short of regal as she stood there receiving her award. She wore the I’m-proud-of-myself look on her beautiful face…

Natasha Metto did not only win the beauty with a purpose prize but made it to the top 25 finalists. The other 24 beauties were from Venezuela,  Paraguay,  St. Lucia, Netherlands, Southern Ireland, Canada, France, Bahamas, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, Mongolia, French Polynesia, Scotland, Namibia, Italy, United States, Germany, China PR and Botswana.

From the 25 contestants, the list was further reduced to the top 7 who came down to Miss Venezuela, Botswana, USA, Ireland, China, Italy, and Miss Norway.

From there, the contestant who would accumulate the highest points would become the winner. This was determined by a 30 seconds speech on “what Miss World means to you.” Each of the 7 contestants had a chance to give their views.

Finally the winners were announced …

At third place was Miss Venezuela (Adriana Vasini), at second place was Miss Botswana (Emma Wareus) and the first place went to Miss USA (Alexandria Mills) who hails from a small town in Kentucky US.


The outgoing Miss world who is from Gibraltar said that she is happy to have had the crown for a year  and with it came beautiful things as she got to work with several organizations for various causes aimed at helping people and helping to make the world a better place.

Well, the best girl won…



photos courtesy of Miss world

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