It’s an all girls probation affair at TPF


November 1, 2010 – Juveh, yet another Kenyan contestant left the academy last Saturday after he failed to get enough votes to keep him in the Academy. His fate lay in the hands of his fellow contestants who instead decided to save the Rwandan contestant Gabiro. Gabiro yet again got some love from his fellow contestants as this was his second time to get enough votes from them to remain in the academy.

Juveh who had his eviction party at Tamasha was really grateful to TPF for giving him the music platform that he knows will take him far. He also said that he will never forget TPF.

The Sunday probation show was full of shockers as somehow it’s now an all girls affair on probation.

The boys did a great job by blending their different voices to come up with their version of “Forever” by Westlife while the girls did not disappoint with En vogue’s “Don’t let go.”

When it came to performances of the night there was a mixture of good and so-so performances. As it was duet night the contestants had to be paired up.

Gabiro and Leah performed “Endless love” by Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey and this somehow landed Leah on probation. All the judges agreed that their performance was so-so and that they had taken on a song that was too big for them. Ian Mbugua said that they had done a good job massacring a beautiful song.

Amileena and Rachel took on “Miracles” by Mariah and whitney and they did a pretty good job. They even managed to escape probation. It’s never easy to pull a Mariah and Whitney but Amileena hit the high notes perfectly and Rachel did her part justice too.
Ian said that they took an amazing song which in turn took the two to their own place and that  it was the best song of the evening.

Msechu and Gaelle did Papa Wemba and Angelique Kidjo’s “Ami oh”. To which the crowd was quite happy with t but the judges not so much. They said Msechu did very well but Gaelle seemed rather uncomfortable with the song and that’s how she landed herself on probation.

Davis had to sing twice as he stepped in for Juveh who left the academy. He and Aneth sang “The closer I get to you” and they both did a great job. Aneth is among the three ladies who managed to escape probation this week. They got good remarks from all the judges and coach Kavutha was extremely proud of them.

Davis sang again with Gaga who kind of forgot her cue to the song “I am your angel” and her mistake landed her on probation.Ian said that unfortunately “we have to learn from our mistakes” so she was put on probation to learn.

Steve and Paleki sang “Hate that I love you” by Ne-yo and Rihanna but they didn’t do the song justice hence landing Paleki on probation. The judges said that the song was a wrong choice for their voices and Ian particularly said that their performance was “…below average, BAD!”

The probation choice was based on individual performances and so in short those on probation this week are Gaelle, Paleki, Leah, Gaga.

Teachers were stunned by some of the strong contestants put on probation but let’s wait and see who will be saying goodbye to the academy this week.

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