Rehab is working out for Montana Fishburne


October 29, 2010 – Even if it involves bad lighting and cheesy dialogue, the future is looking bright for Montana Fishburne.

The aspiring porn actress and daughter of Laurence Fishburne is “in a treatment facility and doing incredibly well,” attorney Shawn Chapman Holley exclusively tells E! News.

Last month, Fishburne checked herself into a 30-day inpatient program specializing in anger management and other behavioral issues—a course of action perhaps inspired by her latest arrest.

“I couldn’t be happier with her progress,” said Holley, who—in case her name sounds super familiar—also represents Lindsay Lohan.

Having already pleaded not guilty to simple battery and false imprisonment for supposedly breaking into the home of her boyfriend’s ex, forcing the woman into the bathroom and repeatedly hitting her, Fishburne has also denied additional charges that were tacked on in August: assault with a deadly weapon and trespassing.

A pretrial hearing concerning all of the above is scheduled for Nov. 16.

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