Facebook Apps leaking personal info


October 25, 2010 – Ever been browsing through Facebook and one of those many Facebook Apps asked for your permission to “allow this application to Access my basic information”? Well, think again before you press the “Allow” button. Recent reports have surfaced notifying Facebook users of their data being exposed o the World, so to speak.

Concerns have really been evident on whether the information on your profile is given to all who control the App when you allow it to access your profile.

A WSJ named RapLeaf said in an official statement that, “We have taken immediate action to disable all applications that violate our terms,” Facebook said. RapLeaf is one of the developers using the Facebook IDs in its own database as well as passing them onto to several other firms.

Facebook however claims that they are going to address these issues by introduction of a new technology that may very well be another OTP or some kind of token access for the application which allows you to use the application without revealing a user’s personal info including the respective Facebook name or in this case ID.

But then again games like Farmville who normally use your login to track your progress and then link to your account will not run successfully if they can’t use your Facebook ID.

To say the least, avoiding these Apps would be the most ideal decision for now but then your existence in the virtual world would become somewhat boring.

Take your pick but be rest assured, this is essentially a catch-22 situation.

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