Sheila: Uti and I not an item, yet…

October 19, 2010 – Sheila Kwamboka is a bit trepid when talking about Uti. She says the only reason the story was made public is because of what she told Hannington in the Big Brother Barn.


“Uti and I have a lot to talk about, off camera. We need to discuss several things before I can say for sure. Right now there is nothing completely concrete, but you will know in due course,” she told Capital Lifestyle with a smile, a day after BBA All Stars drew its curtains closed.

“We haven’t managed to talk because it’s been so busy. There’s no time to do anything. But we will catch up.”

Sheila admitted that the second dose of Big Brother was definitely more fun and exciting.

“The people picked were popular from different seasons. So there was much more star quality and it was hard to compete. But I figured that if I just relaxed and had fun, everything would happen like it’s supposed to.”


Sheila who touches down in Nairobi on Mashujaa Day says she will continue producing and directing videos, but that she will open her horizons further.

“There is something most of us in the house are working on and it’s too early to pre-empt it now, but that will be really big. Let’s call it a merger of the east, west and south of Africa!”

About her experience in the competition, Sheila says she is more than honoured by the support she received.

“In fact, when I was told that I had been voted to go back to the main house, I felt so humbled. For those who supported me and voted for me, thank you very much and God bless you.”

When CL questioned her about Mwisho and Meryl, she said that though most of them had doubts in the beginning, the relationship seemed very legit.

“Seeing them together now after the house, you can tell they are serious. It was definitely not a game place or anything like that,” she concluded.

Sheila returns to a home-coming party at a yet to be disclosed location in Nairobi, but Lerato Sengadi or Leratolicious as is her name on twitter has complained on a tweet that she is the only one who will not have a party hosted for her.

Lerato, who is excited about the friendships formed in the House and the plans discussed amongst them, says she wants to have a party too.

Speaking to Capital Lifestyle on phone, Lerato laughed and said she was glad that Uti won.

“If I couldn’t have it then I would have given it to Uti,” she joked. “The game was much more challenging, much more fun and much more insane this time round but I’m happy that we are out now. I can enjoy my freedom, my blackberry, my twitter, yahoo, chat! I had missed all that so much it’s like they had cut off my arm or something!”


She said that she has learned from the House to be a more patient person and was relieved to admit that her tensions with Hannington had been resolved.

“We met at the finale and had a chat. Not a long one cause we were so busy at the time, but enough to put the past behind us and just move on from it.”

Lerato said she was ecstatic that the two most ‘unconventional’ women in the house were the ones in the top five and stated that she would cherish that thought for a long time.


“Africa must understand that along with the men, the women have evolved too, and they must recognise that.”

The South African housemate said she’d keep up the diet she started in the House, work with a trainer and follow her dream to do humanitarian work.

“I also want to pursue options on radio and TV,” she confessed.

Her last words: “I’m happy Uti has won, and I don’t want anything from him, just maybe a holiday in Zanzibar!!”

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