Uti wins Sh16m BBA prize


October 18, 2010 – I think Meryl should dump Mwisho and try to arm-wrestle Sheila to get closer to the BBA Big ones, which fell into Uti’s lot last night.

(We all know her engagement was a gimmick right?).

Anyway, Nigerian Uti was indeed the favourite, beating Zimbabwe’s Munya by 8 country votes to 7, in the Big Brother All Stars finale and bagging an equivalent of Sh16m in the process.

A small group of people invited to an exclusive BBA screening at Gallileo’s cheered as IK called Uti out as the winner after many a tense minute.

Munya, who was last in line from the top five, was in utter disbelief after the announcement, his face falling just before a tear slipped out. Uti meanwhile, jumped up and down to celebrate his victory.

Kenya’s Sheila was the first of the top five to miss out on the dosh, visibly disappointed. She was evicted before Mwisho and Lerato, who each had 0 country votes in the last week.

“I will do as many things as I can,” Sheila told IK after he asked what she would be up to now that she was out of the house. Sheila said in other words that the world is her oyster.

Stella Ondimu, PR Manager at Multichoice Kenya, says this edition of Big Brother was by far the most interesting and most watched.

“We got so many calls from Kenyans that forced us to work round the clock to ensure they could access the channel. There had been a complaint that several people who live in apartment buildings with in-house cable TV could not watch the channel.”


Stella said a number of apartments had bandwidth issues and it was hard to add extra channels such as the dedicated BBA line 198, but they managed eventually.

“The idea of the barn also kept Kenyans and the rest of Africa watching. It was different in that housemates were more relaxed when they went there and it made for very interesting viewing,” she told Capital Lifestyle.

She added that the contest was difficult this time round because everybody was a star, but confessed that Sheila did just fine.

“Sheila was a fantastic contestant. She kept it for Kenya and did a good job to get as far as she did.”

Uti was last to leave the house on Day 91. He kissed everything goodbye and counted down as they shut the studio house’s doors. All we can say here at Capital Lifestyle is; catch you next year Biggie!



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