Presenter Joey's street glam style



-My style is…

Street glam

-I feel sexiest in…

Complete chill mode- a tank top, short shorts and flip flops

-I can never leave the house without…

Lip gloss!! Preferably 2 or 3 different flavors

-Weave or natural hair?

I have a long history of being weavalicious but I recently shaved half of my hair off so Im working with the natural thing for now. If you’re gonna rock a weave just make sure it doesn’t look cheap and plastic like something died on your head…spend a little more to get a flattering weave that you can wash and style like you would your own hair

-My street style…

I usually rock skinny jeans, a tight graphic tee, high top sneakers, and flashy accessories

-My feet are most comfortable in…

A fly pair of sneaks


-My fashion icon is…

I try not to copy people’s fashion statements…I just do me

-The look I would  like to try…

is go completely goth…I had started on the piercings and the dark make-up a while ago but I didn’t have the guts go all the way

-Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss…

My lip gloss stays poppin!! Gotta make sure my lips stay moisturized, shiny, and kissable

-I am a sucker for…

Bright-colored nail polish (hot pink, blue, neon-orange…)

-What make-up tips works for you?

Make sure your foundation is the right shade and accentuate the aspects that you like about your face

-For a night out with the girls I wear…

A freakum dress and a hot pair of stiletto’s with matching accessories (leggings subject to the weather)

-I looked like a jester when I wore…

Baggy jeans…I’m a gangster girl but that phase worked more for Da Brat than it did for me

-How often do you shop?

Sporadically, but at least once a week

-Which fashion trend/ item do you think will never fade…JOEY_STYLE_2_656182016.jpg

Hip Hop/street fashion

-Any fashion trend you never want to see the light of day…

Fashion is a personal expression of individuality; I don’t think anyone’s individuality should be muted

-In my purse…

You’ll find lotsa lip gloss, lotion, hand-sanitizer, mini make-up bag, travel-size perfume, a notebook to write down my moments of creative genius :-), my phones

-Fave item in my wardrobe…

My black Aldo boots. They can turn up the swag on an outfit in an instant

-Given 50k to go on a shopping spree, the first thing I’ll get my hands on is…

New rims for my car

-Fave designer

would have to be between Baby Phat and Rocawear…street fashion

-My favourite body bit has got to be my…

LIPS! Amidst bad hair days and days I’m feeling a little fat, my lips always come correct

-Whose wardrobe would you raid given the chance?

I would go back in time to the days when Eve was the first lady of the Rough Ryders and raid the heck out of her gangsta closet

-Any style tip?

Don’t be afraid to experiment – find a style that suits you and WORK IT!


  • moikingi

    that's great joy. go on with the goth fad. hiphop is too common even people who don know the true meaning of hiphop don the wear, distorting the real culture. i have opted for rocka wer. it makes me feel psyched up and more of whom iam especially in campo.

  • Verse

    Keep Sneaking it uP! The graphic tees be fresh too!

  • dolbert

    keep it up Joey.

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