Do you own a drape sweater…or two?

Well do you…?

You should and here are the reasons why:

They are stylish- With a drape sweater you need not fret about what you look like because it does more than complete your overall look…it makes you ooze style because right now they are so in…ok, they’ve been in for a while now :-).


They make you look effortlessly good- You can throw on a drape sweater on top of anything and still look good. It gives you that laid back-girl-knows-what-she’s-doing look without even trying.

They help brighten your look- The fabric they are made of have a luxurious, soft feel which works wonders and with the right colour to compliment your skin tone and your clothes…I will not say more.

They flatter all shapes and sizes- Whether you are larger than life or super skinny, you will find a drape sweater/cardigan in your size. And what’s more, they hide whatever you want hidden. You don’t have to worry about it clinging onto your body.

They can be worn over anything- whether you are all dressed up or down, or in chillax-mode mood…the drape sweater will work for you.

Just think of it as a shawl turned sweater hence it can be worn in any kind of weather even when it’s not sweater weather.

They make you look so comfortable.


Depending on the material – A wool/cashmere drape sweater is subtle enough for work and would look fantastic over a tight dress.

They have an interesting cut which makes you stand out in style giving you that bold good look.

There has never been a better time for big, comfy, slouchy, cozy sweaters! They are the “must-have” item for every woman right now.

See? all the reasons to drape it like you are hot!

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