Naijazzed at Naija nite


October 13, 2010 – One of Nigeria’s leading music lights, D’Banj (Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo) aka De koko master, aka Chief sonko was in the country last weekend for the much hyped fourth edition of “Naija Night” that went down at the Impala Grounds.

The Nigerian culture has taken Kenyans by storm from the Naija films that are all over the screens to the songs blazing the airwaves… what’s left perhaps is Naija Fashion and some Pidgin English.

The intensity of all this: the true Sonko Agwambo himself aka Raila Odinga the Kenyan prime minister paid the much-hyped concert a visit. He was called onstage by Nigerian award winning actor Ramsey Nouah to do a bit of a jig as he says hello to the fans. It was clear he was having a good time alongside the Nigerian High commissioner and other dignitaries present.

Kenya looks all set to tighten its bond with the brodas and sisters from the West of Africa and this seems to be just the beginning.

Well, D’banj went on stage at about 2am and left just before the clock struck 3, effectively driving the damsels crazy for an entire hour. From the time he got on stage to the time he got off there’s not a second that passed without women screaming and hands reaching out to grab him, as he belted out hit song after hit song.

At one point, he threw his jacket to the wild crowd, and some girl caught it, only to watch it get snatched away and torn to pieces by the half-human, half animal females around her. Everyone seemed to want a piece of it.


As for the heartthrob Nouah, I have to admit that the actor cum model does look much hotter in person. Did it help the situation when he unbuttoned his shirt (?)…NO (!)…and if the event was in an enclosed room the roof would have been brought down-literally!

The night was not complete without some comic relief from Klint Da Drunk (a Nigerian comedian). It was a shocker that he managed to crack everyone up since we all know how hard it is to share jokes across borders!

The fashion show by renowned Nigerian designer MUDI (showcasing his latest collection) and the Nigerian delicacy was also much appreciated.

Fans got a chance to win an exclusive dinner with both D’banj and Ramsey Nouah. Also in store for them was a grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Nigeria – to visit the famous Koko Mansion. A beg!

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