Tero breaks down her style

CL: You feel sexiest wearing…
I do not think I have a specific style, I try to wear anything that is comfortable and looks good, I try to switch up things, trends and make it something that I will enjoy wearing!


CL: Weave or natural hair
Both, natural hair is always better though, but not everyone has good hair so if you are going to invest in a weave it should be of great quality and you should know how to maintain it so it does not look like a mop on the head.

CL: Lipstick lip balm or lip gloss
Lip gloss any day, it gives your lips subtle character and I can use it morning, noon and night without being worried whether it is too much or if it will dry fast.

CL: For a night out with the girls you wear…
It depends on the occasion and where exactly we are going. I dress to make a statement and I try my best to do so every time I am out.

CL: You looked like an acrobat when you wore…
 Outfits with shoulder pads, it was more than dreadful.

CL: Which fashion trend/ item do you think will never fade…
The Little Black Dress, it will never fade, every woman needs one.

CL: Any fashion trend you want killed with immediate effect?

Clear bra straps and shoulder pads.

CL: Big or small handbag?
Big hand bags during the day because I know as a lady I have a lot to carry during the day and I do not want to have to be running around holding little paper bags.
Switch it up at night though as it is so not cute when women walk around with huge bags at night, a clutch bag definitely looks much better with the effort one has made to look smashing.

CL: If I went through your handbag what would I find?
My hand bag is always a mess because I have to carry so many things. But the things you will always find: cell phone, lip gloss, wet wipes, pocket tissues, pocket bible, wallet, a pair of heels and a change of clothes (because of my show).

CL: Jeans and tee’s or girlie dresses

Both depending on the weather and the time of day

CL: Fave item in your wardrobe
It would have to be a dress I got from my sister, its black with chains on the shoulders.

CL: If I gave you Ksh50,000 to go on a shopping spree, what is the first thing you’ll make sure you’ve gotten your hands on?
A new pair of heels, I have a serious fixation for shoes.

CL: Fave designer
I can only think of two right now Christian Louboutin the shoes are to die for and Angelsmile, extraordinary undiscovered talent, she is amazing her clothes are out of this world and there is no other brand I would vouch for more than this one.


CL: Red or Black which is sexier?
Definitely Black, it just looks right especially if it is a right fit, I can’t really explain why but without a doubt Black is the new sexy 🙂

CL: Which is your favourite body bit?

It would have to be my hips. I am quite petite but my hips are…NOT so they tend to make a statement on their own 🙂

CL: Which “celebrities” wardrobe would you raid given the chance?
Victoria Beckham, her wardrobe is Heaven!

CL: Any fashion/ beauty tip?
 Be comfortable in whatever you wear, let it be a good fit, not too big for petite people and not too small for plus size people. Every day is a reason to dress up so why not do so while were still alive?!

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  1. Avatar Kwessi Pratt November 25th, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Mr. Kiratu Kamunya dont forget Kenya is signatory to some international treaties. And it willingly signed them. By so doing, it accepted their application whenever need arose. Sovereignty is not attempting or running away from justice. It demands strict moral decency! And election in itself, can NOT cancel or substitute criminal suspicion. It looks like you are confusing suspected criminality with sovereignty!
    By all intent and purposes, Uhuru’s election as a president was invalid. As a suspect, constitution barred him from running for any office. Ignoring chapter six of our supreme law has imposed serious penalities on citizens. Am sure you do remember Uhuru resigned as minister for finance. Had the law allowed him to run, he wont have resigned at all. Furthermore, what was the point of resigning if he was ever clean to run for presidency? Infact, his case very nearly borders on treason! You know his presidency has already caused alot of harm to the nation. Impunity merchants had a field day, but that also comes with alot of consequences.
    Had the law been followed to the letter, these many many anti-country situations wont have arisen at all. However, guys like you are refusing to see the big picture, or are doing so in reverse! May be thats not unusual since Kenyans are used to all kinds of scavengers. For our sovereignty to be taken seriously, we have to do the right thing and be seen to be doing so. Nonetheless, when we opted to be driven by tribal emotions and hang on undesirables in the international stage, we must have realized it had its own negative consequences. And thats where we are!!!!


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