We need to unloose Kenyan women


Women in Kenya are increasingly being considered as loose. I have heard many a foreign man saying that they love coming to Kenya because it is easy to get a girl.

A lot of Kenyan men say that too. But when you hear a mzungu or even a Nigerian say that, it means the problem – so to speak – has crossed borders.

And by loose I don’t mean like a non-fitting item of clothing.

More often than not, there is no need to buy the services of the ladies of the night, because you could get a bank manager for free in one of the more affluent night-spots.

Its true that Kenyans have been known for being warm and welcoming, but I think we could be taking hospitality a bit too far. Even the guys are becoming confused.

Its safe to say that maybe 70 percent or so of the men are happy that its easier to get a girl. However, a growing number are finding it relevant to be virtuous – which means choosing their sexual partners carefully – so that they can get the 500 untouched girls in their age-group.

Capital FM’s Cess Mutungi said the other day that for ladies of the night to get any money whatsoever, they have to strike up a one-week relationship with their clients. I couldn’t have put it better.

seductive_947657346.jpgJust what is going on? Are there really no opportunities for women? You know that’s not true.

I think the issue is more psychological. Women have resorted to getting men’s attention through sex, and the better it is effected, the more worthy they feel.

It’s almost like they’ve taken the easy way out as well, where they would rather wear a low cut top to clinch that business deal, than dazzle their way to the bank.

Now that we know the ratio of men to women in Kenya is 1:1, can we please get our act together?

If for instance there are 12 companies started up by men, there can be another 12 companies started up by women. There is no need to lose dignity for money.

Get attention by making it yourself. And if money is not the motivation, please see a counsellor. We, as Kenyan women, should work on restoring our virtue, and those of our sisters. It may be impossible to change everyone, but it is possible to plant a seed?

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