Sheila voted back into BBA fold


October 4, 2010 – Just in case you did not know, Sheila Kwamboka, Kenya’s BBA All Star is back in the house and looks well in the run for the mullah on Oct 17.

Sheila got the votes of eight countries last week to confidently go back into the House on Sunday, flanked by Tatiana with two votes and Lerato with the wild card.

Biggie had told barnmates that two of them would be allowed back into the house after a vote last week, and the rest would be sent on their way home. He/she threw in an extra vote, where housemates picked a random number and voila, Lerato was sent back into the House!

Of all the contestants, only Jen was not voted to go back from the barn. (See how they voted here:

The remaining housemates were stunned by the latest BB twist, with Munya and Kaone visibly surprised. Uti was ecstatic to see Sheila back in hugging range and Mwisho was upset to see that his darling Meryl would not be re-joining him in the crib.

Biggie has not yet revealed what is the next step, but Capital Lifestyle is guessing that two people will be up for eviction again this week, after which everyone will be in place to win the $200,000 and the fame that comes with it. (Ask Kevin from Nigeria).

As Sheila goes about telling Uti that she kissed Hannington, Kaone was vying for Tatiana’s friendship once again and Munya was not sure whether to go after her or not.

Kaone was freaked out when Tatiana told him that the barnmates know EVERYTHING that happened while they were away, because they were watching. But alas the damage is done.

So will the alliances remain the same, or will new ones form? Do the ex-barnmates have more clout than the Housemates? Are the Housemates weakened by the presence of these ‘intruders’? Are you part of the process to help Kenya’s Sheila win? Let us know what you think in the comments spot below.

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