Call girl hits back at Beckham


October 4, 2010 – As if he didn’t have enough issues to deal with, David Beckham is getting hit with a countersuit by former call girl Irma Nici.

Nici has been making the rounds claiming she had a one-night stand with the soccer stud—leading him to sue In Touch, which first printed her story. Now, she says the backlash sent her to the hospital and Beckham must pay!

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Nici and her lawyer, Paul Rolf Jensen, issued a carefully worded statement Friday announcing their legal action seeking to have Beckham’s lawsuit tossed.

“The former call girl who was sent to the hospital earlier this week as a result of the hounding she received at the hands of David Beckham and his legal team has struck back,” their statement began.

Without specifically mentioning any affair or the In Touch report, they claim that Nici did “tell the truth to the press” and that should keep her from being targeted in a lawsuit.

“California law does not allow public figures like David Beckham to stifle free speech. Maybe he didn’t live here in Los Angeles long enough to learn how precious we here consider our rights to tell the truth in print,” says Jensen.

“Beckham must have confused American law with the law back in his home country, where there isn’t a such a sacred respect for free speech.”

We’re not certain how up to speed Becks is with American law, but he’s sure getting a crash course this week.