Mpanda Ngazi floors Sprite movement


September 30, 2010 – Sprite Urban Expression came to a close on Saturday and saw various artists from Kisumu, Nyeri, Eldoret, Mombasa and Nairobi, battle it out in graffiti and freestyling.

In the freestyling category, the contestants kept the fans on their feet with various lyrics, as they faced off each other for the top prize. After several rounds, the competition entered its final stage and the two freestylers left standing were, Joseph Waithaka AKA Wafiti from Nyeri and Maxim Kinyajui AKA Mpanda Ngazi from Nairobi.

The two took the stage and Jua Cali, was the judge, of the final stage. He gave them various topics to free style about and the contestants did not disappoint the judge and the fans. As the competition became stiffer, Mpanda Ngazi proved to be the better contestant and was thus crowned the 2010 Sprite Urban Expression freestyler.
Being the top freestyler, Mpanda Ngazi won a contract to record a single at the Calif Records.

After being announced the winner of 2010 Sprite Urban Expression freestyling, Mpanda Ngazi said “I am thrilled to have won this championship, it is a great achievement for me. I know the competition was tough, but to emerge the top in the country makes me very proud. I would like to thank Sprite for giving all of us an opportunity to showcase our talent and we hope they will continue doing this for a long time to come.

Jua Cali, was impressed by the talent he had seen and was satisfied with the choice of the last candidate. “The contestants put up a good show and I am happy with the talent that we have seen today. It goes a long way to show that the Youth have talent and all we need is to nurture it. I am confident that the contestant who won the final round will go a long way in the music industry.”

Sprite Slam connects with teens and young adults through three key pillars:

Urban Expressions:  an artistic sub-culture that promotes self expression and creativity through various platforms such as three-on-three basketball or Slamdunk , Spoken word, street dancing, dee-jaying, graffiti , emcee-ing and fashion.

National Basketball Tournament: which will involve (and target) inter-city, high school,  university teams, tournaments, a National  basketball tournament, clinics with the local basketball association and elements of Urban expressions (3-on-3 basketball, graffiti and deejaying).

NBA International Basketball Camp:  in which an NBA star will travel to the participating country, hold local basketball clinics and talent scout from the national basketball tournament.  The top player identified will travel to the United States of America for short NBA Basketball Camp to develop their skills.

Coca-Cola works with key stakeholders like local Basketball Federations, the NBA and the Government (Ministry of Sports / Education) to upscale Sprite Slam’s impact and activations countrywide.

Sprite has always targeted youth between the ages of 16 and 24 who are fuelled with self belief, want to charter their own course and believe in a world full of possibilities.

Facts on Maxim Kinyanjui AKA Mpanda Ngazi

He has a diploma in Fine Art

He is also a keen painter

He did his high school in Starehe Boy’s

His first performance was in 1995 in front of the founder of Starehe Boy’s, Geoffrey Griffins.

He adores Notorious BIG

He is 23 years Old

He won a contract with Calif Records in 2010

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