Merylisho union cut short


September 27, 2010 – It was a no contest. Meryl was evicted on Sunday after getting zero country votes over the week.

Meryl had zero votes, Mwisho had one, Kaone had six (gasp) and Uti had eight. The Namibian was put up for eviction by Munya, who replaced himself from the list of nominees with Meryl, using his powers as head of house.

Meryl, who got engaged to Mwisho on Saturday, is now trying to cope with the shock of being in the barn.

She couldn’t help but cry when it dawned on her that the game was still on and that she was not on her way home to see her baby.


Jen got to write the ‘welcome’ letter to Meryl.

And with his lady-love gone, Mwisho slept under the stars where he and his fiancé Meryl spent the night after Saturday’s engagement.

Even for Meryl, it was the first time she slept alone since 8 weeks ago. Upon entering the barn, she got her fair dose of gossip to keep her up to speed with the ‘outside’ world.

As the BB All Stars nears its end, Biggie has been inviting high profile visitors from the previous seasons.

Kevin (Nigeria) and Mimi (Kenya) performed at the all stars eviction, while Kwaku T, Leonel, and Emma were not to be left behind.

Meanwhile, it’s almost time for two barn-mates to be thrown back into the house. Who do you think it should be? Capital Lifestyle is voting for Sheila and Tatiana!

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