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September 20, 2010 – If you haven’t voted for your favourite TV show, TV actor and film, you have just hours left. You also need to vote for Capital FMs Maqbul Mohammed, who you love on The Jam, for best Supporting Actor in the film WEAKNESS at the 2nd Kalasha Film and television awards, due to take place this Friday.

The Kalasha awards are aimed at raising the profile of the Kenyan film industry, which is lagging far behind Nollywood, South Africa and the industries in various other countries.

New CEO Peter Mutie says Kenya has the talent and potential to achieve similar strides but needs the support of the citizenry. So basically, you need to vote.

The nominees and categories include:

1. Best Feature Film

• Mr. Love Doctor- SimbaVision Ltd.

• Ndoto za Elibidi- Nick Reding

• SelFish- Jitu Films

• Togetherness Supreme- Hot Sun Films

2. Best Short Film

• Pumzi

• Saida

• Soul Boy

• Shida

3. Best Local Language film

• Kibrit

• Mwanake Don’t Care

4. Best Documentary film

• Business of Violence

• A History of Film

• In My Genes

• Score for Sajsa

5. Best Lead actor

• Juma Williams- Ndoto za Elibidi

• Philip Karanja-Lumbasi

• Samson Odhiambo- Soul Boy

• Wilson Maina- Togetherness Supreme

6. Supporting actor

• Ainea Ojiambo- Mr. Love Doctor

• Alfred Calypso- Ndoto za Elibidi

• Geoffery Jefferson Ong’ongo- Togetherness Supreme

• Maqbul Muhammad- Weakness

7. Lead Actress

• Irene Wambui- Mwanake Don’t Care

• Leila Dayan Opou- Soul Boy

• Lucy Nyaga- Shida

• Trizah Kabue- Catching the Mirage

8. Supporting Actress

• Cindy Wanja- Never Ever

• Krysteen Savane- Soul Boy

• Irene Kariuki- Siri

• Ummul Rajab- Ndoto za Elibidi

9. Best Cinematography

• Andrew Mungai- Togetherness Supreme

• Willie Owusu- A Beautiful Journey

• Kirumburu Ng’ang’a- History of Film

• Peter Murimi and Fabian Muhire- Shida

10. Best Director

• Simiyu Barasa- History of Film

• Kamau wa Ndung’u and Nick Reding- Ndoto za Elibidi

• Wanuri Kahiu- Pumzi

• Ndungi Githuku- Score for Sajsa

11. Editing

• Alex Kamau- Score for Sajsa

• Carole Gikandi Omondi- Ndoto za Elibidi

• Kavila Matu- Shida

• Ng’ethe Gitungo- Soul Boy

12. Scriptwriter

• Billy Kahora- Soul boy

• Evans Kamau- Togetherness Supreme

• Simiyu Barasa- History of Film

• Wanuri Kahiu- Pumzi


1. Best TV Drama

• Changes

• Changing Times

• Siri

• The Team

2. Best Comedy

• Inspekta Mwala

• Mheshimiwa

• Papa Shirandula

• The XYZ Show

3. Best Actor in a TV Series

• Charles Bukeko- Papa Shirandula

• Gilbert Lukalia- Siri

• Godfrey Odhiambo- Changes

• Peter Muriithi- Mother in Law

4. Best Actress

• Angel Waruinge- Tahidi High

• Nice Githinji- Guy Centre

• Elizabeth Wanjiru Bageine- Mother in Law

• Renee Sewe- Changes

5. Best Performance in a Comedy

• Kenneth Gichoya- Papa Shirandula

• Hiram Mungai- Vioja Mahakamani

• Mathayo Keya- Vioja Mahakamani

• Davis Mwabili- Inspekta Mwala

6. Best Talk Show

• Agenda Kenya

• Capital Talk

• Sebuleni

• The Woman’s Show

7. Best TV Script

• Cajetan Boy- The Team

• Hillary Ng’weno- Makers of a Nation

• Makutano Junction team of writers- Makutano Junction

• Changes team of writers- Changes

8. Best TV Host

• Daniel Ndambuki- Top Comic

• Jeff Koinange- Capital Talk

• Jimmi Gathu- How to be Rich

• Carole Mandi- Sebuleni

9. Best Documentary

• Headlines in History

• Kikulacho

• Makers of a Nation

• Making of a Constitution

10. Best Student Film

• Campus Connect

• Lumbasi

• The Shoe

• Twists and Turns

11. Best Student Documentary

• Chang’aa

• Forgotten

• The Questionable Mark

• Slow Killer

Voting can be done on the Kalasha Awards website,, and the vote is threefold: The nomination Academy awarding 70%, the industry 20% and the public 10% totaling 100%.

Winners will be feted at an exclusive black tie event at the KICC.

Organised by the Kenya Film Commission, the awards ceremony seeks to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions.

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  1. Joseph Kanyari January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    Forgotten as a student docu can really change the govt's perspective in relation to tourists & residents


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