No strings attached!!


September 20, 2010 – Ever been so hurt by a man that you decided they weren’t worth it? Ever been so disappointed by someone you loved that you decided to never open up your heart to another man again?  After a break up especially from a man you loved, a girl feels a combination of feelings from pain to hurt to betrayal to a burning from the heart to the stomach (yeah I’ve been a guest at the heartbreak Motel). These feelings can lead one to make very dumb decisions… This post is for ladies!

So there you are all heartbroken and you decide no more relationships and from now on it’s no strings attached all the way! “I’m gonna get back all the men for the one who hurt me?” “Really? You think so?” Think again! Miss.Majid is here to burst your bubble!

A no strings attached relationship also known as “friends with benefits” comes with its own set of rules… Take a look and see if you can handle them.
First you cannot make demands on your man this means that he does not have to call you everyday to find out how you’re doing and likewise you cannot call him at the drop of a hat to find out how he’s doing… your relationship is more so like a business relationship you -supply when I need.

So you met every Friday the last 3 weeks and you believe every Friday is now your thing right? Wrong! If he doesn’t call you to set up the date on Friday guess what you have no right to ask him why or where he was-remember no strings means no explanations. Of course the basic rules such as no sleeping around apply but he can still date.

Speaking of dating… your “friend” is free to go on dates because ideally he is looking for a life partner… Woe unto you should he actually meet a girl he really likes because that means you’re out and she’s in and that means… Tears all over again.

As a friend with benefits the man also does not put much effort into wooing you because after all you’re already where he wants you, so every time the phone rings and he asks you out you know exactly what he wants and you might end up skipping the dinner all together.

NO_STRINGS_3_769356892.jpgI hate Valentine’s Day but that does not mean I hate the fuss my boyfriend (whoever it is at the time) makes over it. I will say I don’t want anything but I’m not serious! I want something! Anyway when you have an “arrangement” with someone you don’t have to pretend because unless you’re with a very thoughtful man you will get nothing not even a stinking 250 bob card reading “to a dear friend.” And all other holidays will be spent alone mark you.

Women are very emotional creatures and very few can claim the ability to have sex with someone they don’t love and if they do they are bound to fall in love with them. Personally I’m possessive and I do not share… knowing this about myself means I am already forewarned I cannot handle a  friends-with-benefits arrangement. **Jitambue Leo**

You’ve been warned!!

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