Paloma bites the dust

September 13, 2010 – Paloma was unsurprisingly knocked out of the Big Brother All Stars competition last night, after viewers voted to save Mwisho instead.


Paloma was hardly missed as she walked out of the studio house to where IK was waiting for her.

Dressed in a checked shirt and dark blue jeans, the Zambian did not look surprised to be out, but thanked Africa for letting her stay in the house up until then.

IK probed Paloma, especially about her altercation with Mwisho, where she had suggested that the Tanzanian wasn’t mad enough to admit his feelings for her.

She didn’t come right out with it, instead telling IK that she thought people should be brave enough to say what they feel.


After a brief exit ceremony, Paloma was shepherded to the BB Barn. While on her way there, the cameras focussed on the house she had left just a few minutes ago – the topic of discussion was not Paloma, it was Tawana (from season 3). Go figure.

Paloma’s reaction to the Barn meanwhile was the strongest yet. She saw a note from Code, telling her that the barn was her new home. It also asked her to light a fire and slaughter one of the chicken available for her dinner.

Paloma got right to it, and it was a good ten minutes before the rest of the evictees came to save the yet to be slaughtered chicken. Maybe Paloma was in shock? Feel free to post your comments below.

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