Little Willow Smith has a hip-hop song


September 9, 2010 – We get it, Will Smith! You’re talented. Your wife’s talented. Your kids are talented. Enough already!

But just in case that fact slipped your mind, here comes Willow Smith, with nine whole years to her name, to remind you again, as her debut hip-hop single “Whip My Hair” has made its way online.

So, what’s the verdict? First of all, forget her style, Willow might just be stealing Rihanna’s voice. And second of all…

willow_766540146.jpgIt’s age-appropriate! Which is commendable as it’s got to be a bit of a battle finding material suitable for someone still in the single-digits. With a Mohawk. And superstar parents. (Though we do wonder what kind of “swagger” and “haters” a nine-year-old faces, nevermind who constitutes her “ladies.”)

Plus, it’s good, which at this point can only be considered a bonus, seeing as how a recording contract is all but in the mail for the budding and well-connected young talent, who at least on this song seems equal parts RiRi and Keri Hilson. But, you know, the fourth-grade version.

There’s no word on a release date, but mama Jada Pinkett Smith revealed on Lopez Tonight earlier this summer that her daughter was already working on an album.

See? Sometimes parents just do understand. We can’t wait for that dad-featuring remix.

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