Keri Hilson to have concert in Nairobi


August 31, 2010 – Keri Hilson will be coming to Kenya this October on the 22nd to be precise.

Uh-huh that’s right! Reason? She will be performing alongside Kenyan Ragga heartthrob Redsan who will be re-launching his Versatility album.

This re-launch comes after his last December launch which he did alongside Jamaican sibling duo Brick and Lace.

Asked why the album hasn’t hit the shelves yet he explained that “There were massive delays with the management and distributors that were handling the album, even I don’t have a copy.”

The album is the fourth attempt by Redsan released under Dutty Sounds Records, Monalisa Entertainment and Miami Vibe.

The 15 track album, like its name, describes the diversity in the genres of music (HipHop, Dancehall, reggae with some Swahili fusion) and artistes (Sanaipei, AY, Brick and Lace…) featured in it.

Redsan’s US based management company Monalisa Entertainment and Miami Vibe are responsible for Keri Hilson’s concert in Nairobi.

Keri told MTV News that her travels to Africa would influence her next album, No Boys Allowed, which should be out late-2010.

“I’ve been to Nigeria; I’ve been to South Africa. I gather music from these regions, and African music is very drum-heavy. It was very inspiring. I’m definitely going to be using some of that African inspiration.”

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