Miss world and Miss Kenya's chances


August 30, 2010 – Congratulations to Miss Natasha Metto who will be Kenya’s representative to the Miss World 2010 pageant set to be held in Sanya, China. The final will be on 30th October. Natasha is really pretty but I hate that they insist on using this picture of her because the weave is just horrible. I say this only because I’ve been wearing weaves continuously for the last 3 years (sssshhhh) and I know she can get it done very well in Nairobi, and quite cheaply too. I’m rooting for her though and I wish my vote counted 🙂

This year they decided to have the Miss Kenya event done in a reality TV show set up. I will confess that I missed every single episode. Therefore, I have no idea what competition Natasha was up against. I was a bit curious about what she should expect in China. So I have a few pics of various contestants mainly from Africa who will be representing their countries, and a few others who can be considered black.



So, do you think Natasha is up against stiff competition?


Courtesy of: www.itchbay.sikika.co.ke

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