Munya and Sheila up for eviction this week


August 26, 2010 – The Housemates have spoken – and Munya and Sheila are up for eviction from M-Net’s Big Brother All Stars this week after Monday’s (23 August) nominations.

Munya has now been up for eviction for four consecutive weeks – twice as a ‘save & replace’ candidate and twice by straight nomination.

Once all the nominations were in, Munya and Code were in line for eviction on Sunday, but Jennifer used her Head of House powers to save Code and replace him with Sheila. Co-incidentally, this is the first week that the Head of House has not been up for eviction themselves.

After Big Brother made the announcement, Jennifer headed to the Diary Room to make her decision. She had initially nominated Munya and Sheila and after making the choice to save Code, she paused before naming Sheila in his place.

The nominations had begun early, as Big Brother summoned the sleepy housemates to the Diary Room to make their decisions.


· Head of House Jennifer was up first, giving her usual reasons: “Nothing personal – it’s just a game”.  She initially named Sheila and Uti as her nominees, but changed her mind and put Munya up instead of Uti. She made it clear that she would never nominate her friends Paloma, Kaone and Code.

· Uti decided he was nominating Paloma and Code this week because they have not been put up for eviction before.

· Kaone named Jennifer, as Head of House, and Meryl.

· Meryl also nominated Code, because she finds him boring. “All he does is walk around, play the guitar or read. He doesn’t know what to do with himself. I’m sorry but I’m being honest,” she said. Her second nomination went to Paloma, complaining that she likes to take over everything and that people can’t be themselves around her.

· Mwisho nominated Kaone, because the Motswana had saved himself and replaced himself with Meryl last week. He also nominated Code for a common reason – he had not been up for eviction before.
· Code picked Sheila and Uti – the former because he thinks she is nice but he’s not sure if they’re friends and the latter for just about the same reason, adding that he didn’t like how aggressive the Nigerian was.

· Paloma named “strong competitor” Mwisho and “survivor” Munya.

· Munya used his usual geographical basis for nominations, picking Kenya and Nigeria – Sheila and Uti.

· The Barnmates also got to have their say, with Yacob summoned to the Diary Room first. He nominated Munya because the Zimbabwean had nominated him and used a “bad excuse” and Code because he had said that he wasn’t sure if he trusted the Ethiopian, while Yacob had felt that they were friends.

· Lerato nominated Munya because he “annoys” her. She said she wanted to see if he would “dodge the bullet” again and that she wanted to see him in The Barn. She also nominated Jennifer.

· Hannington also chose Munya, because he had been “acting like a fool” and had upset Jennifer, who he claimed as “my girl”. Odd, then, that his next nomination was for Jennifer – because she could save herself.

· Tatiana nominated Uti and Mwisho, stating that they are both strong contenders and were “playing good”.

“It’s tough at the top,” complained Munya after Big Brother read out the nominees. He and fellow nominee Code started singing “Why u wanna kill the youth in me?” before the Zimbabwean headed to the garden for an urgent cigarette to calm his nerves.

Yacob woke up with a lot to say after entering The Barn on Sunday night. He skipped the morning exercise, saying he wasn’t ‘psychologically ready’ yet, but once he was out of bed, he launched into a lengthy rant about all things All Stars. He told Lerato he felt that Munya is “a lame punk” and revealed how he had already prepared himself for the flight home as well as the exit interviews he was going to give as soon as he stepped out of the house – not anticipating Big Brother’s Barn twist.

After letting him ramble on for almost an hour, Lerato told him how no one had forced him to sign up to be a part of the show. Yacob had no answer but continued with his rant and even took it inside during a conversation with Hannington and Tatiana. Tatiana told him the same thing and said he shouldn’t think too much.

During his Diary Session, Big Brother asked the Ethiopian how he was feeling – Yacob seemed sad and told Big Brother that he has a lot on his mind even though he’s still a part of the game. He was disappointed to find himself in The Barn as he had been expecting to see “the outside world”. He told Big Brother he didn’t see the point of being sent to The Barn if he had been evicted by Africa, as he had tested the continent and clearly failed!

Tatiana walked into her Diary Session with a spring in her step. When Big Brother asked her how she was feeling she said that she was “back to Tatiana”. When asked about her new Barnmate, she said it was good to hear news from the house as the new evictees gave the Barnmates insight into the goings-on in the house.

Big Brother All Stars is broadcast live 24/7 for the next 55 days on DStv Channel 198, with edited highlights shows every day of the week on M-Net and later on AfricaMagic.

Big Brother All Stars is also available on DStv Mobile in Ghana, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria.

Big Brother wants your vote – just remember, you are voting to keep a nominated housemate in the house!

Which means, the more you vote for your favourite nominated housemate, the better their chance of staying in the house.

The Housemate who receives the least number of votes will be evicted.

You can vote to keep a nominated housemate in the house in three different ways:

1. Via the website, or the WAPsite on your mobile phone.

2. By sending an SMS

3. Using MXit
To vote on the website: Cast your vote by clicking on the housemate who you want to keep in the house. (You can vote once per hour per registered email address.)

To vote via SMS: send the word VOTE followed by the housemate’s name to the number for your country (displayed below). For example if you are voting from Botswana send Vote Thato to 15626. SMSes are charged per specified network tariffs in the various countries. VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply. (You can vote 100 times by SMS per mobile number during each voting period.)


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  1. Avatar Pratt April 25th, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    I admire your courage and clearity of issues. But Kenyans dont elect the leaders they dont want because thats what they want. They are simply misled. Merchants of deceit control the media and thus, Kenyans find themselves holding on a lie. Most of them believe Newspapers are not prone to rampant lies. So whatever is written must be correct, even true! Merchants of deceit too have created another front, reform agenda, thats totally misleading. Kenyans are repeatedly told that so and so are reformers. When in real sense, thats only a song with no attachment whatsoever to reform. Whoever was not in government in yester years is presented as a reformer while he or she is a total stranger to reform. Those who have screamed on rooftops that they are reformers and are now government, have failed to initiate any reforms at all. Infact, in most cases, they have proved to be tough none reformers! 5 years are lapsing since they joined government, but there is nothing to show for their empty songs of reform. In short, if the media is not willing to guide the public in choosing their leaders, but instead misdirects them, we are in for long long haul before we realize our dreams. Needless to say, media in Kenya is controlled by one community with extremely tribal loyalty and even twisted approach to national issues. Thats why we have had to find ourselves on the defensive on clear favorable national issues. Remember the ship that was ferrying tanks and was hijacked by Somali pirates? We had to fight off claims that the Tanks were ours but not for South Sudan. But whichever way, the country was bound to benefit. That means before we rise above the heritage of tribalism nothing is going to work well for us in the near future.


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