Tatiana exiled to the BBA Barn


August 16, 2010 – The sight of the barn house that is now Tatiana’s new home made her jerk quite a few tears on Sunday night, especially since the evicted housemates that she thought had gone home were ALL THERE.

Tatiana, in a slinky white dress and high heels, ventured through the faded blue wooden doors of the barn and not a jet plane to her country Angola, and the first thing she saw was a black cow – which turned away from her as she tried to stroke.

As if that wasn’t bad enough after a ‘shock’ eviction from the Big Brother House, Tatiana was greeted by Hannington, Sammi and Lerato (ominously dressed in black) and that is when she broke down.

She then composed herself and broke down some more in her new bedroom.

The barn, which has none of the luxuries of the main Big Brother All Stars house, also managed to make Hannington and Sammi cry, but things could get worse for the Angolan.

When the initial shock is over there is no telling what Lerato and Hannington have been planning against her. Sigh…

Munya didn’t cry when Tati left and neither did he kiss her long and deep as was widely expected.

When Code asked him why in the garden over a beer, Munya said: “to me it was like temptation. I have love waiting for me at home.” (Is he a fake?) To make things worse, Lerato kept on telling Tati over dinner “I’m surprised, I thought Munya was going to cry if you left…” So does anybody like Tati and will her game plan make things better for her in the long run.

Meanwhile, according to my (gut) instinct, Mwisho seems to be falling out of lust with Meryl. He has not been following her around or kissing her as passionately in the last few days as he had before, or did I miss something? Let’s wait and see…


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