Bahati opens store in Nairobi


August 16, 2010 – A Kenyan fashion store has opened its doors in Nairobi, and the person holding the keys is one Patricia Wakaimba.

Her Bahati designs have grown from the baby in the backyard to a full grown store at K1 Klub House, Parklands.


She describes Bahati as “an African inspired fashion collection embracing the continent’s infinite cultural diversity through the use of bold rich and vibrant prints…”

And in the same bold manner, she has introduced a new line called “Baby Hati” featuring designs for the children.


The designs for baby are “hand-sewn and embellished”.

The store is open from 10am-7pm on weekdays and 11am to 6pm on weekends.

“I’m so excited to finally have a store,” says Patricia. “Everything’s coming together wonderfully! It’s been exactly one year now and I felt that the store was a necessary next step especially due to increasing interest in Bahati.”

Dresses range from Sh3000- 4000 and as Patricia boasts ‘are tailor made to suit every shape and size’!



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