BBA's Uti will attend dad's funeral


August 13, 2010 – So its official. Uti will be allowed to attend his dad’s funeral, and then come back, but only on one condition.

Ok, three conditions. 1, he will only be gone 3-4 days, 2, he will have a chaperone and translator present with him at all times, and 3 he is to attend the funeral ONLY.

(Biggie’s so nice!) The option above was one of two given to Uti when Big “sister” broke the news to him about his father’s demise.

The other was that he should go immediately and stay until the funeral. However this was without the option of returning.

Biggie was volunteering the information to the other housemates this afternoon, in case they were wondering what Uti was still doing in the house. Or if they were nervous that he would be getting a sympathy vote and win the dosh. Or even if they thought he was a really nasty guy for putting money above family.

Under ‘Emergencies’ dealing with ‘family crisis’ the Big Brother rule reads as follows:

‘Should there be any extreme crisis in a contestant’s family or private life outside of the show, Big Brother will communicate this to them. Should a Housemate and Big Brother decide that the nature of the crisis mean that they have to leave for any protracted time, they will not be allowed to re enter the house and may be replaced.’

Uti said during his diary session: “”to my peoples out there, please give my family support, my friends be there for my family the way I would have been. My mom, I love you”

Anyway, that’s that.

In other BB All Stars news, Tatiana can FINALLY touch Munya after biggie said she could dress him as a girl. It’s just that he REALLY has to look as much like a girl as possible, or else…

Then Mwisho is sooo jealous over Meryl and ‘et al’. He said that Munya and Meryl should just own up because they were behaving like exes… hmm


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