The A-list musicians on Stage this Friday


The A-Affair will be going down this Friday the 13th at the Alliance Francaise. Performing on the night will be:

Asiyo Jacob:( )

Jacob began playing piano at the tender age of 11 after hearing a piano being played in the music room at his elementary school. An intense determination that has its roots in this childhood recollection has led to Jacob becoming not only a very competent musician but an extremely passionate one as well. This would be his first performance on the A-ffair Stage.

Atemi Oyungu:(

On her debut release of ‘’Happy’’ in 2004, Kenyans were undoubtedly sure that the new hit single was a product of an award winning musician such as Angie Stone or Aretha Franklin on account of her powerful vocal abilities surpassed all local industry standards. She makes a comeback to the A-list Stage.

Adwar Chris:(

The Villagers Band released their brand new album “Nofork Hotel” in December 2009. This Nairobi based band comprising 9 members has a unique style of music dubbed Bengenge. This is a fusion of pop, benga and genge and other forms of popular African music such as mbalax, lingala and zouk. This would be their second performance at the Affair.

Aceda Chizi:(

The ‘crown prince of benga’ is fast becoming the flavour of Kenyan fusion and jazz music with a reputation that is growing by leaps and bounds. This multi-talented 25 year old released his first album titled Suluwe back in 2005 while at Nairobi based Kijiji Records.
His second album Bengalogy was released  on July 30th.

Also featuring will be Wananchi, Ma3 and the Villagers band.

Doors open at 7pm but the show begins at 8pm.

Advance tickets are going for Ksh500 while tickets at the door will go for Ksh800.

Tickets are available at Alliance Francaise.

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  1. willise January 28th, 2013 at 10:59 am

    yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee.dying horses .go introduce such ideas to the hague .im sure there you will succeed.go babies go.

    1. cheidee January 28th, 2013 at 11:19 am

      4th of march 2013 is 6 weeks away, let the people decide…NUMBERS DO NOT LIE… We are with you.

      1. willise January 29th, 2013 at 1:19 pm

        u mean numbers generated from evil dark forces haunting or the computer error numbers?dream baby dream.

        1. willise January 29th, 2013 at 1:21 pm

          u must be a man united fan from kiambu.typically arrogant n selfish.

  2. Kwessi Pratt January 28th, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Criminal suspects CANT BE GREAT LEADERS in whichever way you look at it! Furthermore, democracy neither recognizes criminal suspects as leaders nor holds them in its ranks!!!!

  3. PatrioticKenyan January 28th, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Indeed great men have been picked from prison where they had been condemned by trannies. Such men include Nelson Mandela, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to mention but a few. Its no wonder that great men that even God picked like Joseph who become a PM is Egypt or Moses who lead the Israelites from slavery were fugitives. Lets wait for March 4th for the voters decision.

  4. Kwe January 28th, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    If God has forsaken Kenya then UhuRuto will win. People with blood in their hands cannot be good leaders even if they command a large constituency. Just because you killed for the sake of your community and your community has numbers does not mean you are a good leader. But God will not allow these blood hounds to be our leaders. The whole world knows why you are facing criminal charges

  5. Solomon A Asinzu Mbogani January 29th, 2013 at 5:12 am

    This was a scandal in Kenya that became public in January 2009, over the sale of imported maize.
    In late 2008, the ban on importation of maize was lifted by the
    government to allow capable businessmen to import maize to supplement
    the local produce that was short of the minimum required to satisfy the
    local market.

    In early 2009 after parliamentary debate on a maize scandal, William Ruto was accused of illegally selling maize by Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale
    (Public Accounts Committee Chairman). All the documents bearing the
    National Cereals and Produce Board seal that linked Mr Ruto to the
    illegal sale of maize were accepted by Parliament’s deputy speaker.[1]

    The scandal alleges that the following events might have taken place:

    Briefcase millers,
    existing only on paper, some of whom were defunct at the time when the
    scandal unfolded, were awarded large quantities of maize by the
    Strategic Grain Reserve. They accomplished this by inflating their
    milling per-hour capacity and having 4 Permanent Secretaries approve

    The briefcase millers and local businesses that were either awarded quotas by the SGR or awarded import permits by the NCPBK (National Cereals Produce Board of Kenya respectively might have also re-directed the bags of maize outside the country in order to avoid price controls stated by the government and thus make bigger profits.[2]

    Some of the maize imported in 2009 by local businesses was certified
    unfit for human consumption and might have been released into the
    market after directions of senior government officials.

  6. Solomon A Asinzu Mbogani January 29th, 2013 at 5:13 am

    he KPC Ngong Forest Land Scandal was a scandal that resulted in the suspension in October 2012 of Kenyan Government Minister William Ruto who was charged in court as a result.

    Mr Ruto and four other persons faced fraud charges over the alleged sale of a piece of land in Ngong forest to Kenya Pipeline Company
    (KPC) for Sh272 million. The minister allegedly received Sh96 million
    at various intervals during the alleged transaction. In the case, Mr.
    Ruto and Berke Commercial Agencies, a company associated with him, Mr Joshua Kulei, a former aide of retired president Daniel Moi, Mr Sammy Mwaita (the Member of Parliament for Baringo Central Constituency) and two other firms were sued for allegedly obtaining money from KPC between August 6 and September 6, 2001. [1]
    In April 2011, Mr. Ruto was acquitted of the Sh43 million land fraud
    charges for lack of evidence after the prosecution failed to produce in
    court the then Finance Manager Hellen Njue to give her evidence on how
    she paid out the money. His co-accused, Mr Joshua Kulei and Mr Sammy
    Mwaita, were also set free. [

  7. Solomon A Asinzu Mbogani January 29th, 2013 at 5:20 am

    By Sunday Nation reporters
    Saturday, April 16
    2011 at
    In Summary
    Suspended minister appointed Hellen Njue to the
    board of the Coffee Development Fund in 2009 when he was in charge of
    the Agriculture docket and facing charges of fraudulently receiving Sh96
    million from Kenya PipelineHellen Njue, a CoDF trustee, was finance manager at Kenya Pipeline Company when Sh272 million was paid out for plots in Ngong For


    Suspended Higher Education minister William Ruto gave a parastatal job to a potential key witness in a fraud case against him.

    Mr Ruto appointed Hellen Chege Njue to the board
    of trustees of the Coffee Development Fund in July 2009. The Eldoret
    North MP then was the minister for Agriculture under which the
    parastatal falls.sage…

    1. PatrioticKenyan January 29th, 2013 at 3:22 pm

      All the leading contenders of the presidency and their running mate have questionable past, whether your are talking about the the aborted coup that lead to death of dozens of people, rooting and destruction of property or the Molasses plant acquired illegally during the short lived NDP KANU merger.

      Our Good VP, as a lawyer his deals were not always above board. He was along with his law firm partner accused of an ‘appalling fraud’ by Justice Shield in a case they had irregularly transferred a parcel of land. In fact, he was committed to civil jail only to be saved by Lawyer Mutula Kilonzo.

      Therefore, as voters our task is not to look for the saint, because there none in the current crop of leader but rather the best candidates who can transform this country for the future generation.

  8. PatrioticKenyan January 29th, 2013 at 10:53 am

    FACTS: Mollasses as Captured by Ndung’u Land Report
    by Dennis Itumbi on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 1:42pm ·

    The Direct allocation of alienated government land to Spectre International by the Commissioner of Lands was Illegal.


    The Kenya Food and Chemical Corporation Ltd. commonly known as Molasses was an energy saving project conceived by government in the 1970’s. The Intention was to manufacture gasohol from sugarcane molasses produced by sugar factories in Nyanza and Western provinces.

    The land for the project was acquired compulsorily by government at Shs. 4m.

    Though Hundreds of Millions in Shillings was spent, the project sank in the 80’s and the company was put under recievership.

    Kenya Food and Chemical Corporation ltd. was offered the land by letter of allotment, but it was never formally accepted or paid for, No title was issued.

    In 2001, the Commissioner of Lands S.K.Mwaita allocated Spectre International the land for a (partly) Shillings 3.7m, an equivalent of Shs. 33k per hectare.

    The Molasses Plant stands on a 112 Hectare piece of land.


    1. L.R. No 26453, area 26.10ha, user, Horticultural

    2. L.R. No 26454, area 39.00ha, user, Industrial

    3. L.R. No 26455, area 13.40ha, user, Residential

    4. L.R. No 26456, area 13.40ha, user, Residential

    5. L.R. No 26457, area 3.50ha, user, Recreational

    6. L.R. No 26458, area 2.20ha, user,health Clinic

    7. L.R. no 26459, area 6.50ha, user, Educational

    There you have it; It basically means;

    1. Molasses was illegally acquired in 2001 at a time when NDP and Kanu had come together.

    2. Molasses took up a Recreation Park

    3. Molasses took up a land secured for a school /Educational facility

    4. Molasses took up land meant for a Clinic

    1. Kwessi Pratt February 1st, 2013 at 5:08 pm

      Kanu was the mama and baba then! President had overwhelming powers to give out land, even freely! And very few, if at all, of those decisions were challenged. They were executive orders anyway!!!

  9. SalumG January 29th, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    These Jubilee Presidential aspirants have questionable integrity, none can trust them even if there are going to shout everywhere around the country. They need to clear their names first, Kenya today needs a nationalist to lead the nation not someone with questionable integrity like those in Jubilee


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