Book review: Made for Greatness


August 11, 2010 – There are a few books that are necessary to have on your shelf for personal development. These are the books that appeal to your personal responsibility for creating a life that matters, without necessarily offering easy solutions to difficult problems. If you are looking for such a book, look no further. Made for Greatness by Anthony Gitonga offers that and more.

This is the long awaited sequel to Anthony’s first book: Pathway to Purpose (reviewed first on Capital Lifestyle:

Laden with insightful thoughts and vivid local examples of ordinary people who have achieved greatness, Made for Greatness, brings greatness down to an everyday goal within the reach of as many as desire to pursue it. The book helps the reader to develop a philosophy of greatness, by articulating in depth the three components of greatness, finding, forging and fulfilling your purpose. “Greatness,” Anthony writes, “is the process of discovering, developing and deploying your life purpose in the service of other people.”

The author’s objective in writing the book is three-fold. He begins with the hope to rekindle within you a desire to develop a philosophy for greatness. Secondly, he equips the reader with some practical clues that will help in discovery of the greatness of purpose. Finally, he challenges readers to develop the unveiled purpose to the point of greatness. These three objectives are the choices that will propel you to a meaningful and enduringly great life. Choices that will help you lead a life that matters. The underlying premise of these objectives is the belief that everyone can be great!

Described by one of the readers as myth shattering and page turning, the nine-chapter book leaves every reader yearning for a greater life and equips him or her with well-articulated building blocks for achieving greatness.

The author is a Kenyan motivational teacher, banker and coach, specialising in helping people learn the art of leadership through personal development. For more information log on to his website:, and interact online on his blog, the Activator.



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