Lerato exits BBA luxury pad

August 9, 2010 – Lerato became the third resident of Big Brother’s Barn after being evicted from the All Stars house by Africa on Sunday, after viewers opted to save Munya.

However, happy as Tatiana may be that her friend (Munya) is still with her, she will not be able to touch him or talk to him for at least another week, thanks to a dagger thrown at her by Lerato.


In apparent growing resentment towards the Angolan singer, Lerato did not hesitate when asked to throw a dagger at a housemate, barring them from making contact with anyone of the opposite sex for an entire week, starting today.

However the amount of touching between Mutiana could last them for seven days at the least.

Sheila wept after Lerato’s exit spelt downfall for the shaky Midnight Crew alliance, which also includes Uti.

The deluge of tears shed by Sheila, who is the new Head of House, however could also have been an effect of the bottles of beer consumed throughout the day.

The emotional Sammi was beside himself with adoration for Lerato when she joined him and Hanni at the barn last night.

Lerato can’t wait to nominate Tatiana! It seems the Angolan managed to guess Lerato’s ‘secret’ and so she lost her $1000 – which is what the secret was worth.

Lerato also feels that Tatiana is holding grudges from season two of BBA and declared confidently, “Let the games begin!”

I don’t know about you but I’m itching for a cat-fight!

Check out http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/ to see who gets nominated today, and also to see Lerato milking a cow.

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